Meet The Trainers

Tony  –  Head Trainer/ Vice President


I grew up on a farm in Iowa where I learned that hard work was often the cause for success. I continued to work hard in all of my ambitions as a young kid, most especially through fitness as an athlete. I was a four sport high school athlete and part of seven state championship teams as an E-Hawk. In Loras College, I played baseball and football, while maintaining my academics with a spot on the Dean’s List. I believe, just as I was taught, that if you can master basic fundamentals, focus your energy on developing your weaknesses into strengths, and challenge yourself to make consistent daily improvements, you will find success.

After conquering my own success as a fitness trainer and published author, I wanted to help others find success through fitness. I became location manager and head trainer at Cross Kicks Fitness™ so that I could inspire people to find joy and entertainment in their fitness endeavors. Many people view exercise as a chore, and my goal was to show people that they can have fun working out and still see real results! I believe success is often the consequence of hard work, but I also believe it’s possible to enjoy the work along the way! I’m determined to help my members find success in their lives through health and activity by displaying a positive and motivational attitude as their trainer and friend.


  • Fitness Specialist
  • NSCA Certified
  • Bachelors of Science in Sports Science – Pre Physical Therapy
  • Published Author “Get it Right Make it Tight” The Ultimate Guide to a Sustainable and Profitable Personal Training Business

Fitness career highlights

  • At-home trainer for Season 8 contestant of NBC’s hit show “The Biggest Loser.”
  • Behind the scenes trainer for contestant of MTV’s show “I used to be Fat.
  • Fitness program design specialist
  • X-Treme Physique classes/ Elite Boot camp
  • Founder of X-Plode Athletic Enhancement Program
  • Accountability coach

Josh – Trainer & Boot Camp Fitness Program Director


Ever since I could walk, I have always found a way to revolve my life around fitness and sports. In High School I was a 4 season athlete, but my focus was primarily on track and field. At the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, I participated on the Track and Field Team as a 200m and under sprinter. While track and field fueled most of my athletic career, I was also passionate about health and fitness. Through my determination to enhance my skills as a runner, I began training and working out on a daily basis.

After graduation I moved to the Chicago-land Area and started working with athletes of all ages in a variety of sports. As an experienced athlete, I understand the importance of training, which is why I decided to dedicate my time to helping others achieve their fitness goals. I have worked with every different kind of client, including children as young as 8 with developmental disabilities up to professional athletes. Although I specialize in athletic conditioning, I’m knowledgeable in my experience to help our members accomplish any fitness objectives they may have. As a trainer, my goal is to never treat my members as one of the same, but to individualize each person’s workout so that they can gain the most from their fitness experience.

Cross Kicks Fitness is unlike an other gym I’ve worked at; what sets it apart is that the moment I open the club to the end of my shift, I’m training clients. Instead of helping a handful of clients, like most jobs, I get to personally help upwards of 50 people on a daily basis!


  • Personal Trainer
  • NASM Certified
  • Degree in Exercise Sports Science from UW-La Crosse
  • Concentration in Strength & Conditioning

Abby – Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach


I was born in Woodstock, Illinois. Growing up I played softball and was a competitive cheerleader and gymnast for 11 years. I studied Early Child Education and Nursing at McHenry County College. I am the mother of 3 beautiful children. I am highly energetic and fun-loving. I enjoy being active with my family, especially anything outdoors.

I fell in love with fitness in 2009 after my first son was born. I had always lived an active lifestyle and played many sports, but I never realized my love for HIIT training, lifting weights and truly living a clean lifestyle until I struggled losing weight after becoming a mother. I lacked motivation and finding time for myself while meeting the demands of an infant. I soon sought out to help for myself to get back to my “pre-baby” body and after achieving my own weight loss and health goals, my career path drastically changed. Now I realized my passion is fitness and health and empowering women to reach their goals and helping people find the strength they didn’t see in themselves. I’ve now spent 8 years training under celebrity personal trainer, fitness coach, and CKF owner, Tony Wuebker.

Most of my free time is spent with my kids, but when I do get a chance to relax and unwind, I love to shop, spend time with family, and anything that gets me outside.

My favorite part about training at Cross Kicks Fitness is the dedication and hard work from our members. I have never met a better group of trainers and clients with more determination, drive, passion, and overall love for fitness. I enjoy watching perfect strangers motivate and encourage each other each and every day. It’s great to see friendships form and goals not only being met, but surpassed. I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.


  • AEC Certified Personal Trainer
  • CPR/AED Certified
  • AS and AA

Tim – Trainer


I grew up in Barrington, Illinois and currently live in Crystal Lake. I have always been active as a kid but found my passion in wrestling. Wrestling 10 years of my life, made me the person I am today; competitive, disciplined, and motivated in everything I pursue. After high school, I enlisted in the United States Army reserves and coming back from my training is when I found that personal training is the route I wanted to pursue.

After my arrival from my Army training I jumped on board and started my education in Health and Fitness Management at McHenry County College. During that time, I found my interest in MMA, Team Curran. Throughout my time at MCC I interned in many areas of fitness; small group training, general population clientele, CrossFit, and cardio kickboxing. It was after graduation where I found my niche in small group training at Cross Kicks Fitness. A high-energy group of hard working members all chasing their goals is something I enjoyed the most.

Cross Kicks Fitness is a great opportunity for members to work with a trainer and get pushed day in and day out to meet their goals. There really is no other gym like, “We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves”.


MMA background

  • Coached under Jeff Curran/ Doug Mango- Team Curran
  • Amateur MMA Record- 5-0
  • Pro MMA Record-4-2
  • Boxing- Chicago Golden Gloves (2014,2015-Semifinalist)


  • AAS in Health and Fitness Management
  • Crossfit LVL 1 certified (Crossfit Pally)
  • CPR/First Aid

Chris – Assistant Club Manager


I have been in the fitness industry for about 10 years now. I am an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Certified Weight Loss Specialist.

I have worked in a variety of environments and trained clients of all ages and genders with a wide range of goals. All I ask of my clients is dedication, effort, and open lines of communication. With a proper plan and the right work ethic there is nothing you can’t accomplish and it is so rewarding for me to help my clients achieve their goals.

I live currently in Grayslake and in my free time I enjoy playing and watching sports, cooking, and spending time with my family and friends.  I have two cats and a dog and love showing pictures, so if you’re a fellow animal lover just ask!



  •  NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Certified Weight Loss Specialist

Darla – Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach


I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. I studied child psychology and sociology at DePaul University and have an ACE certification in personal training. I currently live in Algonquin with my husband and 4 children. We are a very active family and love to run, hike, bike, race, play sports… basically anything outdoors.

I believe the most important things in life are health and family. I have a passion for educating people about functional fitness but most importantly educating and inspiring young people. For the past 7 years I have run my own bootcamp classes and have been a youth fitness coach.

CKF embodies everything I believe in to maintain a strong, active and healthy lifestyle. Every member here at CKF is an athlete with different individual fitness levels… and here, we are all equals.


  •  ACE Certification in Personal Training
  • Psychology and Sociology degree from DePaul University

Courtney – Trainer


I grew up in Elmwood, Illinois and I currently live in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. I am a very simple, and passionate person. I have a background as a competitive athlete. I have been an athlete in various competitive sports since the age of 5. I have also coached competitive sports for many years, including most recently at the high school level. I enjoy how much coaching overlaps with fitness and how I am able to tie them both in together.

I am still currently going to school for my Bachelor’s degree in nursing at the Chamberlain College of Nursing. I have studied Anatomy and Physiology, as well as Nutrition. I have a love for continuing and expanding my learning, and having a great understanding of the complex human body.

What made me want to become a trainer was my passion for fitness, and my love and aspiration for helping people. We have all struggled at some point with staying physically active and fit and I love being able to be a reason that people take that step toward a healthier lifestyle. My other passions include working out, and staying involved with sports. I love keeping busy and staying active so the more I get to do, the better! I enjoy training and pushing myself as far as signing up to run 5K’s as well as some obstacle courses.

I love training at Cross Kicks Fitness because it is a program that truly works! Seeing our members change and reach all of their goals is amazing and very inspiring. I also love what the program has to offer to people as far as the workouts, the trainer involvement, and no class times. It really is a program for anyone and everyone!

Darren – Assistant Area Club Manager


I was born and grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland in an area called Murrayfield. I’ve always been a keen traveler, and traveled manyy places in the UK and Ireland, by car, bike or hiking. I met my American wife after a trip on the northwest coast of Scotland and that’s what brought me here!

I have been in the Fitness Industry since 2009. In my time I have helped many different people from many different walks of life. I enjoy getting to know people well, understanding their world to improve health, reverse ailments, injuries and even disease.

I would love to get to know many more members and clients in the future and I’m sure, in time impact positively on their lives, fitness and well-being goals.


Darren Client Classifications:

  • Sports Professionals, RUGBY and SOCCER, Elderly, Amputees, Special Needs, Weight Management and Fitness Physique Competitors.



  • BSc Sports and Exercise Science (UK)
  • BSc Sports Injuries + Rehabilitation (UK)
  • Higher National Diploma Fitness Health + Exercise (UK)
  • Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3 Personal Trainer (UK)
  • Functional Fitness + Advanced Training Coach (Cybex UK)