Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us - FAQs at Cross Kicks Fitness

Our Frequently Asked Questions are to help guide you in understanding all about Cross Kicks Fitness. Have a question not on here? Please contact us at and we will be glad to help!

Is the 40 Minute Power Workout a group class or private?

Our 40 Minute Power Workout is semi-private training where a trainer is leading your workouts, correcting form, modifying exercises, and motivating you to hit your goals. Cross Kicks Fitness’ HIIT circuit style training program incorporates all the leading fitness modalities and workouts change daily to keep you engaged and motivated!

Tell me more about your 90 Day Body Makeover and how many times should I workout per week?

Our signature 90 Day Body Transformation Program comes all included with an unlimited training membership, InBody precision body composition analysis, customized nutrition program, trainer accountability, cash prizes, and more! This program is backed with a results guarantee! But wait, there is one catch, you need to be in attendance at our clubs! We recommend a minimum of 3 days per week while in the 90 day, the more the better! Our workout programming allows members/participants to work out on a daily basis. For best results we would like to see you 4-6 days per week!

What is your 45 Day Summer Shred?

Our Summer Shred Program comes all included with an unlimited training membership, InBody precision body composition analysis, customized 3-phase nutrition program, weekly challenges, trainer accountability, cash prizes, and more! You will follow structured 40-Minute Power Workouts with added bonuses, extra fat loss challenges, and bonus team workouts! This program is truly the “fast track” to success! Past results have been incredible!

*Note: the Shred is a seasonal program that launches in the spring (May) and again in the summer (July)

Do I need to be in shape? 

No, we cater to all fitness levels.  If you  have never worked out before or are an elite athlete, we will tailor your workout to your experience level.

Do I need any equipment? 

Yes, a pair of boxing gloves will be required and available for purchase.

What should I wear?

Come prepared to workout.  Wear what you would normally wear to exercise in.  We would suggest bringing a towel as well.  We do have a shower available.

Is there an age limit?

We have a wide range of members from many different age groups. It is safe and effective for teenagers to participant in our 40 Minute Power Workout unlimited training program.

Will I have fun?

Absolutely!!!  Our workouts change daily, so you will never get bored with the same workout routines.