Personal Training


Cross Kicks not only offers unlimited circuit training memberships, but we also offer an array of one-on-one personal training programs! There are many reasons why our clients choose to add personal training into their schedule. See below on how personal training can help you in your journey. See our options below and see which might be the best fit for you.

“Incorporating a personal training session once a week into my routine at Cross Kicks was a game changer for me. I sought out personal training because I was looking to break through plateau and take my fitness to the next level, Adding in personal training provided results that exceeded my expectations. Having workouts specifically tailored to my individual goals and targeted to address my weaker areas helped me get so much stronger and well-rounded. I have now set my next set of goals and plan to continue with personal training as part of my routine because I am challenged in ways I know I wouldn’t on my own. I highly recommend it to anyone.”

-Sarah, Member


Already a member interested in Personal Training? The CKF Elite Membership is the best option for you!

  • Exclusive to Members Only
  • One-on-one sessions + Unlimited Access
  • Options for 1, 2, or 3 – 30 Minute Sessions a mont
  • Options for 3, 6, or 12 month plans



  • Cost will be in addition to monthly dues
  • Please contact us directly for pricing


*$99 One-time enrollment fee without membership

-Includes 5 free circuit training workouts

“There were several motivators behind my decision to signing up for one-on-one training. One major motivator was to make sure I don’t give up what I had achieved from the 90 Day Challenge. I know part of being successful is having people in your corner who are going to help you get to your goals.

It’s fun and a great investment in yourself. I am someone who has always felt confident, positive, and enjoyed various successes, but the success from the 90 Day Challenge to now the one-on-one training has brought me to a whole new level.

So if somebody is really committed to getting better, not older, then I recommend they get the one-on-one experience!”


-Kevin Busch, Member