40 Minute Power Workout

Our signature program combines boxing, kick-boxing, strength and cross-training into a high energy 40 Minute Power Workout™!  Each workout will be challenging and unlike any other workout you’ve done before. Our daily metabolic conditioning workouts are only 40 minutes long, but it will leave your body burning calories for up to 48 hours after your workout!

Our 40 Minute Power Workout™: 

  • Includes a combination of strength training, resistance training, and cardio
  • Science based, periodized, and builds from one day to the next
  • Can be modified based on each individual’s ability level and goals
  • Focuses on a specific muscle group based on the day
  • Changes every day

Join us today and see for yourself how the 40 Minute Power Workout™ can help you. Your first workout is FREE!

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