Performance Athlete Training

Work with certified training specialists who are former accomplished athletes to enhance your performance. Each of our trainers are experienced in sports and fitness, so they can better gear your workout to enhance your desired skills, such as quickness and power. We apply structured sport specific strength, speed, power and agility protocols to get you to the next level. Having a personalized sports performance program allows you to work more explicitly on your goal set with experienced trainers provided for you at your own convenience. Athletes will also be educated by our fitness consultants in nutrition and timing to optimize performance.

Each sport calls for different types of improvement. During a one-on-one assessment with a personal trainer, members have the opportunity to explain what muscles need work and their personal experience level so that the trainer can map out a fitness routine that will progress their desired areas. The trainer will even help the athlete through the workout once the plan is designed and implemented.

If you are an athlete who needs to enhance their skills, this program will allow you to have guidance from an experienced trainer, with a set workout routine laid out for you daily, and a nutrition plan to help you achieve all aspects of your goals.

Our program measures:

  • Pro agility 15 yard shuttle run (speed)
  • Push up test- consecutive reps (strength)
  • Broad jump- distance (power)
  • Pounds- gained/lost (goals)

We also extend our Performance Athlete Training to younger ages. The extension of this youth program is our High School/Youth Off-Season Training, which provides students with the tools they need to compete at their level in specific sports. This offers younger competitors continuous training to maximize their skills as an athlete. Our Performance Athlete Training is planned with all ages in mind and can be catered and altered depending on age, size, experience, and so forth.
Because every certified trainer is experienced in sports and fitness, they are skilled in utilizing alternative workouts to enhance specific areas, such as speed and strength. With the combination of a personal trainer and our high intensity interval training, upcoming athletes will be guided and motivated to progress their specified areas and become a better competitor in their sport of choice.

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