The world goes round and round – and the topic of losing weight comes up all over again – and again. A very sensitive subject indeed – since there doesn’t seem to be much of a headway in that direction. Every time you start the program of losing weight, you give it up halfway – and lose heart and feel dejected. You have never been able to take the program to its logical conclusion.

Obesity is a terrible, but common problem. Do you know that it’s a chronic disease like diabetes, thyroid, or a heart problem? It is very difficult to cure obesity, and it leads to a host of other complications. Therefore, if the scales are tipping dangerously when you step on it, that’s the warning bell – you will have to control it at all costs.

Agreed, that losing weight is not an easy job – definitely not easy. It needs a lot of motivation, will power, the right attitude, and a heart of steel. But, you will have to juggle your schedules a bit to fit in the weight-loss program. And, you need not join any gym. You can lose weight right from the comfort of your home, and without putting much effort either. All you have to do is to exercise regularly and follow the right diet – rigidly.

Ways to lose weight


  1. Diet:
  • Eat Right: The first basic mistake that people make is about dieting. Most of the people do not have the right eating habits nor do they choose the right food, resulting in weight gain. And, when they find that they have put on weight, they panic, and try to go on a crash diet.
  • A crash diet may look a good and attractive option. But, you will find that the weight you lost will return after some time.
  • Ensure that you eat a lot of fiber, which will make you feel fuller, slow down your digestion, and also prevent absorption of fat into the digestive system.
  • Switch over to boiled vegetables.
  • One of the cardinal rules of any dieting program is to eat breakfast, and not skip any meals.
  • Make it a point to eat dinner at home – that way you will not eat any junk food.
  • Drink Water: Keep yourself hydrated. Keep drinking water regularly. You should be drinking between 2.5 to 3 liters every day.
  • Saturated fats: Junk food is out – that’s where you will find saturated fats. Fried and processed food are also full of saturated fats, and they lead to obesity.
  • Cut down sugars: Go easy on sugar, sweets, candies, chocolates, and ice creams. We know how much you like these things – but sadly, they are also responsible for obesity.
  • Snacks: Snacks are good for your tongue but not for your body – they add calories and fats. Avoid them.
  1. Alcohol: Avoid alcohol. Alcohol, including wine, contains a lot of calories. And, the fat gets deposited – in the last place you’d expect – around your waist. And, out would go your diet plan!
  2. Health-related problems: If you are putting on weight, check for health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure, or stroke. In the case of women, it could also be due to irregular menstruation cycle.
  3. Burn away your fats and calories: Exercise every day for a couple of hours, but if you feel that a bit too strenuous for you, start with one hour and gradually increase that to two hours. Exercise for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. But, be sure to consult your physician or family doctor before you start exercising as it is age and weight related.
  4. Say goodbye to carbonated beverages: Fizzy drinks add to your calories and your weight, and so they are definitely out. Switch over to natural fruit juices.
  5. Salt: Reduce your salt intake. Salt contains sodium, consumption of which leads to weight increase.
  6. Drink herbal tea: Herbal tea contains anti-oxidants that help burn calories and reduce your weight. It also eliminates toxins and harmful nitrogenous waste from your body.

Follow all the above tips religiously and you will be surprised at the results when you step on the scales.

You will soon have to go in for a brand new wardrobe!!! How would you like that?