Have you met Kelly Gschwend, our head trainer at our Cross Kicks Fitness Lake Zurich location?? Hear a little more about what made her fall in love with fitness and what makes her continue to push us in to the best shape possible!!!

I’ve been working out and interested in fitness since college when I realized that the freshman 15 is not just a myth. I have a group fitness background. I started teaching classes at Gold’s Gym in Central Illinois in 2009. I am certified to teach Les Mills Bodypump, Sprint, RPM and Bodystep. I teach HIIT workouts like Tabata and have even taught aqua classes. I’m NASM-CPT certified.

If I had to choose, I love the basics – I love lifting weights! Incorporating some strength training with some HIIT intervals in between is such a great calorie burn during and after. Picking up some heavy weights can be intimidating if you’re just starting, but it will transform your body very quickly and help you in all aspects of your overall fitness.

Your Why?
I love being strong and feeling fit. I enjoy being able to push myself in ways I never thought I could and trying new things. Most of all, I love the people and the sense of community.

How you got started in this industry?
I started running in college, then began taking group fitness classes and realized that I was passionate about them and knew I wanted to be up there leading the charge!

What do you love about Cross Kicks?
The variety of exercises using multiple modalities is awesome. The personal attention that you get is second to none. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone and because of that, you will get results. Coaches and members alike will support you every step of the way.

Your favorite trainer tip!
DO NOT let the scale determine your mood for the day. You may have great success and the scale is your best friend. But days when it’s not, remember, the scale is only a piece of it. Take progress pics! You will see a difference, I promise. Remember, there’s more to celebrate than numbers on the scale. How do you feel? More energetic? Can you do more push-ups, squats, etc. than when you started?

Make sure to stop in and give Kelly a HIGH FIVE next time you see her!!!!!