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Let us pave the way to the most affordable fitness business with Cross Kicks Fitness’ Licensing Model! Why own a Cross Kicks Fitness training facility? Cross Kicks Fitness offers a proven “Turnkey“ business model with ridiculously high margins and low overhead! With the convenience of the NO CLASS TIMES and a trainer included fitness philosophy, there are no excuses to not join your gym! Cross Kicks Fitness is a “trainers dream”. Coach all of the latest fitness trends and concepts within one dynamic program!” Cross Kicks Fitness is the hottest new fitness trend in the Chicagoland area designed to maximize individual results through cutting edge programs and dedicated training staff.

If you’re interested in learning more about Cross Kicks Fitness’ affordable business model, please complete the form below and our team will reach out to you. Your financial freedom is just a click away!


Many fitness centers will say they have a following and that they are different but with Cross Kicks Fitness “the proof is on the floor!”. You can see it in our members, putting in the hard work, and supporting each other to reach their goals. This approach to building a fitness community has led to exponential growth from one facility to four in the first 3 years, pushing through the pandemic with positive growth, and opening 3 new locations post pandemic. Cross Kicks Fitness is here to stay.

No other fitness company will provide you with the team approach that you will get with us. Our philosophy to have success in the gym is the same to have success in the business. Licensing a Cross Kicks Fitness is not an individual endeavor. We are here to support you, ensuring we can be successful together.


Cross Kicks Fitness fills a niche in the market that no other fitness company currently does. Bringing your Orange Theory, Title Boxing, F45, and Cross-Fit all under one roof with No Class Times. Cross Kicks Fitness is for those that want to get the group training experience with flexibility and customization.

Our members have more options providing you with more revenue streams to maximize your dollar earned per square foot.


When making any investment you want to make sure that your money is working for you not against you. Rest assured that with Cross Kicks Fitness you’re investing in a research backed and concept proven model that will provide results in more ways than one.

Need help with financing your dream facility? We provide options for that as well. We’ll help customize payment options that work for you. Allowing you with more disposable income and a faster ROI than any other boutique fitness company.


As a business owner it always helps to have a support system at your back helping you along the way. With Cross Kicks Fitness you will get just that – SUPPORT.

Our team of fitness, marketing and business experts are here at your disposal to make owning, running and marketing your new Cross Kicks Fitness a smooth and enjoyable process.

No longer will you have to worry about hiring outside help. Let us take care of the little things while you focus on growing your business.

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